what: signet/logo design, posters, flyer, …
where: berlin, germany
when: october 2018 / ongoing …

for the large #unteilbar demonstration in berlin we designed the poster and its main image, – which was then also applied onto other various media formats.
from the call: „ a dramatic political shift is taking place: racism and discrimination are becoming socially acceptable. what yesterday was considered unthinkable and unutterable has today become a reality. humanity and human rights, religious freedom, and the rule of law are being openly attacked. this is an attack on all of us. we will not allow the welfare state to be played off against asylum and migration. we will stand in resistance when fundamental rights and freedoms are in danger of being further restricted.
we are expected to accept the deaths of those seeking refuge in europe as ‘normal’. europe is in the grip of an atmosphere of nationalistic antagonism and exclusion. however, any criticism of these inhumane conditions is dismissed as unrealistic. (…)“

more on #unteilbar

some impressions of the demonstration in 2018:

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