mayday / hamburg

what: poster series, stickers, masks and more
where: hamburg
when: 2010

“What does International Workers’ Day mean for the self-employed — for the designer or any other highly flexible working person today? Or someone unemployed? How does someone self-employed go on strike? How do you fight for better working conditions?” In much of the globe, workers of the world celebrate the first of May with demonstrations, parades, and parties led by community groups, unions, and left wing political organizations.”

for several years we designed the visual campaign for mayday in berlin. in 2010 we left berlin and made a trip to hamburg were we held a workshop with the organizers of euromayday in hamburg. the posters, as stickers and other printed material we developed out out this collective process. the photos above show the workshops, the demonstration and things around… – please have a look at out little history of mayday engagement though out the years 2007 – 2010 on the new york based website „social design notes”. (link below)

social design notes

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