we are the kotti kids

what: exhibition, workshop
where: berlin, germany
when: 2018

kottbusser tor is usually seen in the public media and by many berliners only as a transit point or more often as a “problem location”. the drugs, tourism and security issues are in the foreground. a significant deficit in this context is the fact that there is little representation of the residents, that it is barely noticed that more than 2000 people have their homes at kottbusser tor, go to sleep, get up, raise children, go to school, … – live a life.

the exhibition “wir sind der kinder kotti” (“we are the children of kotti”) would like to oppose the negative images and make it clear that kottbusser tor also has many children with very different stories. – how do children see kottbusser tor and what are their wishes? with these questions we went to the 5b class’s art course of the jens nydahl elementary school. the result is a wonderful exhibition of drawings that thanks to the support of the bvg has been presented on the outdoor side of the subway station kottbusser tor (u1).

more images / info and all children pictures here

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