seeing studies

what: book design project
where: berlin, teheran
when: 2010

in iran hergé’s „tintin“ is mirrored and reprinted. not from left to right, but from right to left is the reading direction. this goes even for the images. this has immense, and yet poorly explored implications on the view of the (western) art (- history) and the reception of eastern cultural, visual communications. florence meet’s baghdad. seeing and learning from seeing as a problem of a complex cultural history and its confrontations was the starting point in this art book project by the artist natascha sadr haghighian. which was funded by documenta 13. together with the researcher ashkan sepahvand and teheran based illustrator farhad fozouni and our intern tirza ben-porat from tel aviv this became quite some unusual book project.
a book in english and farsi: it was noted that there has been no book which treated the hierarchy of bilingualism in an equal way together in a book. most of bilingual books are two books that center meet, like magazines in airlines for instance. our design was a completely new solution. although the usability suffers a bit: by replacing the clips it is possible to book either read preferably persian or english. (some of the photos above are by tirza ben-porat)

documenta 13 on seeing studies

publisher (hatjecantz)

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