mov!ng on

what: book design
where: berlin
when: 2005

exhibition book for a anti-racist exhibition project at the „society for fine art“ (ngbk) in berlin. we formally relativized the artistic, activist and academic distinctions and brought all into the same layout. a low-budget production, which by the rich volume and open paper was also a tactile pleasure.
note from the curators: „europe is changing. the borderlines on the political map lose their meaning at some points whilst they become even less traversable at others. situations which we know from border controls may be seen more and more in inner city areas. and what about the borders in our heads? /mov!ng on/ is concerned with the effects of european migration policy and shows strategies of border transgression, border displacement, how to make borders visible, to eliminate or disregard them. the work group of the ngbk has invited artistic and political positions on this subject to participate. diverse individuals and groups active in this field present their way of working in the multimedial exhibition and outside the gallery.“
the book came with contributions from: ag blinde passagiere, daniel blochwitz, candice breitz, chipkarten initiative, deportation class, petja dimitrova, esra ersen, experimentelles radio der bauhaus universität weimar, flüchtlingsinitiative brandenburg, alex gerbaulet, gesellschaft für legalisierung, henrik hentschel, kanak attak, martin krenn, mareike maage, eben mancho, jens maier-rothe, johannes mayr, mujeres sin rostro, plataforma für migrantinnen und flüchtlinge, papiere für alle! frauenlesben bündnis gegen illegalisierung und rassismus, refugees emancipation e.v., julika rudelius, (farida heuck, ralf homann, manuela unverdorben), spacecampaign, tiger b. stangl, studio b11, tarif_a, ultra-red, zala t. s. unkmeir, silke wagner, haytham el-wardany, mario weise, and more


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