OCCUPRINT wallstreet / USA

what: poster contribution
where: new york
when: 2011

a contribution for the NYC based occuprint project: „occuprint emerged when the occupied wall street journal asked us to guest curate an issue dedicated to the poster art of the global occupy movement. (…) Like many parts of the #occupy movement, occuprint was developed in the spur of the moment, caught up in the rush and excitement and fresh air of an emerging social movement. (…)”

our poster is a remake of an older poster for a demonstration in berlin in 2009. we translated and altered the text. poster text reads:“daily, when the alarm rings, it comes over the kitchen table all the way to our work places and into the streets, right through our relationships and bodies, to our bank account, screaming for low wages, competition and mistrust. it works with our fears. this is the daily madness of competition, of capitalist culture. this is a permanent crisis. we wont pay for this crisis any more. we demand social security and free health care for all. free education and papers for the so-called illegal aliens, free public transportation, low rent . . . and tomorrow even more. for a society based on solidarity, not competition, fear, capitalism, and war. thanx for reading. you have a good day.”

occuprint website

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