MERZ design school

what: teaching, lecture
where: stuttgart
when: 2009

together with the merz academy of design, art, and media in stuttgart we organized a workshop with design and visual art students to discuss the global economic crisis and its repercussions at a time when the crisis was omnipresent in the media. the discussions centered on questions such as: whose crisis is it? what are the images that currently accompany how the crisis is depicted in the media? can the depth of the crisis be represented in more concrete terms in images and words? what possibilities are there to visualize abstract economic processes? what is your own relation to the crisis? how and where can you “see” it? after discussions within the group, the students went out on the streets, spread and share those questions with people of their city. they collected interviews, quotes and images which they discussed arrange in a small magazine / newspaper.

merz design school

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