kotti = no ponyhof

what: exhibition and booklet design
where: berlin, germany
when: september 2019

an exhibition and booklet in the context of the “berlin bleibt” festival at HAU / hebbel am ufer / in collaboration with our friends from kotti-shop

der kotti ist kein ponyhof / creating in the social scuffle at kottbusser tor

“the wallpaper installation is a reflection by sandy kaltenborn (image-shift, kotti & co, kotti-coop) and stefan endewardt & julia brunner (kotti-shop, superfuture) about their creative practices and strategies in and with the socio-spatial fabric at kottbusser tor – and beyond – up to and including the housing question in berlin. “der kotti ist kein ponyhof” [something like “kotti is not a bed of roses”] develops a visual narrative about what connects it, namely both the connection to urban space, to its themes and neighbourhoods, while also examining the question of how and with what approach one acts and would like to act creatively in it. documentary elements are interwoven with essayistic-narrative reflections and insights into the current situation at kottbusser tor. they overlap like the urban space itself – between participatory art practice, communication design, neighbourhood and communal work as well as between renters’ demos, contract negotiations and a timeless loitering on the steps in front of the buildings. the project “der kotti ist kein ponyhof” is translated as din a5, and continues on, back into urban space as well, but also into the discussion about creative practice in urban spaces.”

download the booklet

more on “berlin bleibt” festival at HAU / hebbel am ufer


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