as soon as …

what: book design
where: berlin
when: 2005

a book on several projects of the artist elke marhöfer. “dear artist, your art becomes a form of activism committed to tricking the so-called ‘natural’ flows of consumption and historical progress by messing with its normalized rhythm. making the corpse talk. your interventions: songs, texts, posters, shared diets, spatial operations and public monuments are assembled like antibodies and experiment with the transmissibility of culture and its potential for serving collective needs over the pseudo-needs spawned by consumerism. by joining others in collaboration, you’ve become a medium against the notion of the producer. forgetting how ‘to make’ in order to better learn how ‘to practice’. practicing to be alive together. against the deathblows of advanced capitalism, ‘to practice’ becomes ‘to struggle’. what does the art world do with this?” (carissa rodriguez)

elke marhöfer

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