we are kreuzberg

we are kreuzberg! is a slogan from the tenant organisation kotti & co, who operates in the housing block at kottbusser tor in kreuzberg. as a lot of others, the tenants at kottbusser tor are confronted with rising rent in the neighbourhood.

the sticker text: “we are kreuzberg. kreuzberg without the history of migration is like summer without sun. here is our home – our familys, friends. this is where we visit school, work, play, laugh… and a lot more. we stay kreuzberg.” (the writing is purposely writen slightly wrong – refering to the transformations and extension of language in the context of urban immigrant communitys…)

beside the sticker the images show impressions from some actions of kotti & co.

impressions from kottbusser tor

wikipedia on kreuzberg

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