memefest workshop

what: workshop, lecture
where: nijmegen
when: 2011

image-shift was invited as a mentor at the 2011 memefest workshop „mapping socially responsive communication“ in nijmegen (netherlands). beside us there were other great international mentors in the team such as: tony credland (cactus network), shoaib nabi (professor at aue in sharjah), alain bieber (rebel art), jason grant (inkahoots), paul hartmann (memefest brasil) and of course oliver vodep (memefest).participans of the workshop were also quite an international crowd: anja groten (netherlands), darija medic (yugoslavia), karin grigoryan (armenia), tamara djordjević (yugoslavia), mathieu tremblin (france), niloufar tajeri (germany), gal kirn (slovenija), scott townsend (usa), christian zoellner (germany), paolo cirio (italy), alana hunt (australia), jody boehnert (uk) , vladimir turner (czech republic), monika klobčar (slovenija), simon perčič (slovenija), gavin grindon (uk), sarah dugan (canada), giada totaro (italy), jovana cvetićan (yugoslavia), group_5 (uae).

comment by the workshop organizers oliver, dejan, vida, and rok: indeed it was magic. and radical. memefest „mapping socially responsive communication“ workshop brought together almost thirty fantastic thinkers, educators, designers, artists, activists, students, researchers, proffesionals and above all: good people from arround the world together for eight days of dialogue, work, inspiration and fun. we all came to beautifull nijmegen’s oddstream festival and spent together eight intense days of hard working rock n roll. – the many different social backgrounds, cultural references, and personal characters created a dynamic of productive conflict and close dialogue. (read more)

in 2013 we received the message that shoaib nabi has died. we are very sad. his death is a loss for the international engaged design community. (read more)


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