memefest / melbourne

what: teaching, workshop and lecture
where: melbourne, australia
when: november 2014

in the context of the memefest extradisciplinary symposium workshop „radical intimacies: dialogue in our times”, which took place at the swinburne university we taught a workshop and gave a lecture. the symposium was attempted by a wide set of designers and other professionals from all over the world, such as ren fah, scott townsend, george petelin, mariano mussi, lisa gye, alana hunt, sam burch, kevin yuen kit lo, fee plumley, the brisbane aboriginal sovereign embassy, keith robertson and many more. the 3 day workshop was focussing on the struggle of aboriginal rights and was planned in cooperation with the brisbane aboriginal sovereign embassy. the images show impressions of the symposium as well as some from the workshop (part of the images here are by kevin lo)

swinburne university
review by kevin lo

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