hier entsteht

what: book design
where: berlin
when: 2004

the book is part of the the »metrozones« book series and was edited by jesko fezer and matthias heyden and published by “b_books”. the book deals with questions of participation in architecture.
the book itself is divided in 3 parts / 3 kinds of paper: introduction, interview texts and an architecture guide. the  main part, the interview text section in the book has a complex footnote and comment system  which was developed by the editors and myself. it allows the editors to comment on the interview  texts in a highly differentiated way – from classical  footnotes, quotes, references to showing book covers and architectural drafts. these comment layout boxes run  parallel  to  the  main text in the upper part of the pages. the extremely high format of the book refers to architectural guides. to assure a good usability when opening and holding the book, a OTA binding was  chosen (allows the book to open easily and reduces  the tension in the book back) the  book has received  an  acknowledgement by the »stiftung buchkunst« for one of the best german book designs.


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