general: image-shift is a graphic design and visual communication studio based in berlin. the studio is dedicated to – and operates in cultural, social, educational and urban settings. („design is not enough“). we develop communication concepts, strategies and designs for all kind of media formats and distribution contexts.

our collaborators and clients are cultural and educational institutions, foundation, artists and curators, filmmakers, video groups, associations, unions, social and activist groups. we teach, give lectures and collaborate within various fields.

we prefer to work on a base of companionship rather than having relations with our clients which are determined by the ideologies of market service industries. we are not interested in wrapping up any content society does not need.  > more on this > „13 points“ PDF > or watch an interview with sandy kaltenborn from 2008. 

website: this website shows a small selection of the studios work. and of course only the work which can be visually displayed.

history: image-shift was founded in 1999 by sandy kaltenborn (cv in german here). pierre maite joined the studio in 2007 and both co-led the studio together from 2010 on until 2012. after eight years as a joint undertaking, they decided to follow different paths. while sandy continues the studio he started in 1999, pierre established „ça ira!“ in may 2013. ++++++++++++++



Interview from 2008. Sandy Kaltenborn talks about his design approach. Unfortunately the interview is only available in german.“